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Looking for all addresses of potential customers in your business area? Do you want to have a list of all hotels in your city that is always up-to-date? Do you want to automatically digitalise your collection of articles or bills?
ParaBotS might have the software components you need.

Text needs interpretation in order to become useful. A lot of the information available on the Internet however is presented in an unstructured way, which makes it difficult to interpret it automatically.
ParaBotS' information extraction components are designed to make sense from these unstructured texts.

WebID is an application used in many European countries to extract addresses from web pages and other documents. With minor alterations WebId can be used in new countries with other address formats.

We also create software that structures newspaper advertisements and interprets resumes. Adaptive techniques are used to learn how to extract new information from the annotation of examples. This technology is applied in various different domains like ontology filling, and the extraction of semi-structured information, like the opening times of restaurants, departure times of trains, hotel information, and resumes. This information is described in a wide variety of ways, but the annotation of some examples may suffice for the automated extraction using adaptive techniques.

The opinion mining component is one of the latest additions to our software base. It searches documents for affective utterances about persons or companies. This component is used in the Vox-pop.nl webmonitor where it deduces the general opinion of bloggers and forum participants about e.g. politicians or companies or even about products or groups of people connected by philosophy of life or ethnicity.

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