Always wanted to know how people think about your company or your products? Always the last to know new developments or marketing trends? Interested in the general opinions about your partners and clients? Want to know the market value of the website of a company, or e-store? Our monitoring software can serve your needs.

ParaBotS has created monitoring software that captures the activities of users, companies and communities. This software can monitor both internet and community movements. Monitoring the internet is relevant for those who want to know how the internet develops - what kind of sites are becoming more popular (auction sites, gambling sites, forums, blogs, etc.) and what are emerging (or disappearing) trends on the web? 'Community monitoring' focuses on the contents of a specific collection of (one or more) sites. It searches web spaces for emerging and popular topics and trends, for users, new products or technologies, or opinions. The WebMonitor is a web-based software suite that detects and visualises trends and hot topics on forums, auction sites, and blogs and inspects smaller niches for new hot topics. The Web Monitor can be used, for example, to check auction sites for valuable trade, or forums for dynamic discussions and hot topics.

Besides being a source of information, the Internet is growing into a place where people meet in social networks and forums. Social networks are not only becoming more popular, but also more and more intertwined with other activities on the web, like e-commerce and auction sites (, art and media (,,, information-sharing or collaborative working (, blogging (, and news-sites (,

The web application combines the monitoring software with our opinion mining component and searches blogs and forums for affective utterances towards for example politicians, political parties, and celebrities.

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