There are several companies ParaBotS cooperates with on a regular basis.
Sentient Information Systems 
Sentient Information Systems has the objective to turn Artificial Intelligence techniques developed in academic research institutes into practically feasible solutions for business problems. The main application area is data mining: automatically finding patterns, segments, trends and relations in databases.

Since 1990, the Sentient team has been developing the DataDetective product line, enabling various kinds of business to get the most from their data. These businesses apply Sentient technology in several application areas, such as recommending books based on taste, media planning, analytical CRM, medical advice systems, police crime analysis and matching systems.

At VicarVision the term vicarious perception is used to illustrate the underlying purpose of the technology, which is to automatically observe the world and translate what is perceived into human understandable terms.

Vicar Vision creates vicarious perception technologies to facilitate analysis and interpretation of image and video data. Their products support or replace human observers in efficient and accurate routine processing of large amounts of visual information.

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