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Magician: Our Technology
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Magician: LLM and NLP Enhanced Outlier Detection. Magician is a powerful software application that harnesses our proprietary LLM and NLP techniques to detect outliers in large datasets. For example, when provided with a company's financial records, Magician can automatically identify remarkable or suspicious entries.

Magician: Features


Magician can be used in a wide variety of domains. It has been applied already on the domain of company tax declarations, employee administrations, and medical insurance declarations.

Tax declarations

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Organized Files

Employee administrations

Medical insurance declarations

Doctor's Desk
Magician: Our Technology


The software generates a comprehensive overview of the data, highlighting suspicious fields in red (for relatively high values) or blue (for low values). Magician produces reports and graphs showcasing the top 10 most suspicious or deviating records, either in comparison to the entire dataset or to their nearest neighbors.

Analyzing Graphs
Magician: Our Technology
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Magician Demo

A fully functional demo version of Magician is available, providing insights into the capabilities and possibilities offered by our LLM and NLP-enhanced outlier detection algorithm. Although connected to a demo case database, the Magician demo showcases the powerful features and potential applications of the software for your specific industry or use case.

Please fill in order to be contacted to receive this demo version and/or more information.

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