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The Possibilities Are Endless

Parabots' flagship product, XbotS, is an intelligent web spider and classifier that finds information fulfilling specific user demands. Powered by our proprietary NLP models and LLM fine-tuning capabilities, XbotS showcases the vast potential of our cutting-edge web collection technology. With XbotS, concepts can be trained to help the spider both select relevant sites and determine the optimal crawl direction according to your industry or niche.

Xbots: Our Technology
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Return on investment

The XbotS software suite is a powerful environment for concept-driven web searches, showcasing the unparalleled capabilities of intelligent web collection.

Xbots: Our Technology
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Data extraction

Effortless, Fast, Secure.

Search concepts can be created using various methods, from providing examples of relevant websites to utilizing structured information or leveraging encyclopedic sources like Wikipedia pages. Train concepts like 'hotel' or 'restaurant' to retrieve vast amounts of related websites.

Xbots: Our Technology
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Final touches

Advanced Solutions

Upon completing their searches, spiders sort the websites by concept relevance. Users can examine the results through an intuitive application interface, and extract contact addresses using the WebID plug-in.

Information is extracted and stored in a structured format, such as a database or JSON.

Xbots: Our Technology
Programming Console

Connection with DataDetective

The Possibilities Are Endless

These structured results can also be exported to DataDetective, the powerful data mining environment created by Parabots' partner Sentient Information Systems. DataDetective is the perfect tool for the clustering of content.

Xbots: Our Technology
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