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Parabots' natural language processing software knows everything about all the leading news and opinion websites. What is being said on them? And about whom?

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How does it work?

Made Simple

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Sentences convey emotions

Every day on the Internet people write millions of sentences about one another, about the products they use, how they feel about certain companies, about politicians, etcetera, etcetera. So everyday millions of emotions are being ventilated through the Internet. But what exactly is being said? What is Internet's Vox Populi today?!?

Natural Language Processing

By using natural language processing techniques Parabots' application is able to figure out what is being said in a sentence. Whether the message is positive or negative. By doing so for all the sentences on the thousands of pages it monitors everyday, is able to capture the general opinion.


As the Internet is a large place, and people in general need not necessarily agree with each other, it can happen of course that something has both a large green bar, and a large red bar. So people were both very positive and very negative about it. That could be something controversial...

Vox-pop: Features
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The widget

Vox-pop is also available as a small widget that people can embed on their website, their iGoogle homepage, Facebook, etcetera.

For a number of categories it shows the 5 persons (or companies, or products) that were talked about either most positively or negatively that day. Plus the position they had yesterday.

The longer the green bar, the more positive the sentences were that were found about the topic. The longer the red bar is, the more negative these sentences were.

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